September 1st, 2004

September 20, 2016
  • Sreenath Palle (M.Sc., B.Sc.) joined as a graduate research assistant with Dr. Stelly's group as part of the Fiber Genomics project team.
  • Dr. Suk Hawn Yang joined the project in the Chen lab as a Postdoctoral Researcher and part-time Manager for the project. Ning (Edward) Wei, a Ph. D. student in Computer Science, is working in the Chen and Sze labs on computational analysis of sequence and microarray data being generated. Jenny Lee, a Ph. D. student in Genetics, continues to work on functional analysis of cotton orthologous genes in Arabidopsis.
  • Ms. Ra'sheedah Richardson, an African American graduate student in the Department of Teaching, Learning, and Culture at TAMU is working with Dr. P. Thaxton to develop an educational module for middle school students and teachers.
  • The NSF Cotton Fiber Genomics project website is running.